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This weekend just gone, I was on an mission to get the house ready for our first Christmas in it. For ages I've been so giddy about it. I feel like it's my first proper grown up Christmas, and I've been stocking up on the Christmas biscuit tins and hot chocolate so that I can play the perfect hostess this season. |Being on a bit of a budget, my parents donated us a Christmas tree and all the trimmings, so I just needed a few extra bits to really make the place feel Christmassy.

I picked up a string of battery powered fairy lights from Ikea. You just can't get enough fairy lights at Christmas, and the battery powered ones are great for being super portable and adding to pretty much anywhere you want without worrying about trailing wires every where.

The cushion and the throw are both from Primark. A simple red and white, reindeer theme. I originally bought these items for my bedroom, to add a little Christmassy touch in there. How ever, I've realised a little festive cushion or too wouldn't go a miss on the sofa. I've got my eye on a couple of these cute festive ones from Asda.

The Jingle Bell's are from Morrisons and came in a pack of 6. They're super cute and handy to go on the tree. I cut the ribbon off a few and added them to a glass vase, along with the fairy lights and a bit of red tinsel. Right now this looks so good sat on my coffee table, adding a little sparkle to the cosy nights in.

Everything else you see in the above picture is from B&M. If you've seen my previous homeware posts, you'll know I'm a huge fan of the place. I can always get a few great pieces for such a small price.

The red, glitter 'Merry Christmas' sign is now hanging happily in my window with a few Christmas lights. I love having something in the window to spread the cheer along the street. Ever since I was a tiny baby, my grandma used to take me this street where every single house had all these insane Christmas lights up. It was always one of my favourite things about Christmas, and I just can't not have anything in the window.

The glittery twig tree is around 2ft tall at a rough guess, and is sitting on the hearth of the fire place with the gold gllitter reindeer. The reindeer came in a pack of 2, and I've set the up next to the tree to create a little Christmas scene going on. I've also added a few of my favourite scented Christmas tea lights (not too close to the tree, health and safety and all that).

The wooden sign is hanging above the fire. It's one of my favourite pieces I think. I love the tartan ribbon, and the little Christmas sentiment. 

I think with all this, my home is pretty much prepped for Christmas. I love sitting in my living room, with all the lights and sparkle and feeling so festive. All I need now is a Christmas movie and a hot chocolate, and I'm set for the season!

What do you think of my decorations? Would love you to send me any links you have of your Christmas home hauls.

- Adel xx


  1. I love your decor! I haven't started decorating yet sadly, I've been to busy :( Great post!

    1. Aw thank you! Hope you manage to get decorating soon :) x


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