Lazy Sunday | Meet Charlie

Today is a pretty lazy day for me. I'm all done and dusted with Christmas shopping and wrapping, and I just need a day to enjoy being at home with my favourite furry pal, Charlie. Gareth is working, so it's just me and this handsome little nugget today, bonding over our shared love of blankets, biscuits and napping. I'm also watching Christmas movies but he seems very disinterested. If you follow me on Instagram (palettepaleblog) then you'll have definitely seen the fluffball crop up a few times. (I'm one of those people that take too many photo's of their pets - guilty as charged).
I have a little bowl of baubles and lights on the fire place, and he keeps pinching this little pink bauble out of it, the tinker. It's always the same pink one as well, not sure what that's about. So I took the opportunity to grab a few quick snaps of him. One thing I hate about winter is the lack of good natural light floating around, which makes it difficult to take spur of the moment images. 
I've also been making hot chocolates today, by melting chocolate. So naughty, but oh so nice! It just wouldn't be Christmas without a decent hot chocolate. And maybe I had a few Cadburys Fingers on the side. Just a few. Okay well more than a few. But have you ever tried dunking them in to a hot chocolate? It's a pretty magical experience. I'm starting to feel really festive now, and looking forward to spending Christmas with family. My mum rang me up yesterday to tell me she's bought Charlie an Elf costume and wrapped it up and put it under the tree for him. So that should be interesting, expect to see plenty of Instgram snaps of that happening on Christmas day.
Anyway guys, I hope you're having/have had a lovely weekend. I'm sure you're all ready and excited for Christmas. So I'll leave you with a few pics of my pooch in all his fluffy glory.


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