Christmas Wrapping

The other night, I settled down on the rug with a hot chocolate (complete with dinky marshmellows and whipped cream, obviously), I popped on Elf, lined up all my gifts and crafty bits, and set out on a Christmas Gift Wrapping mission.

It was long, painful, and laborious.

No, I'm just joking. I love wrapping gifts, from birthdays to Christmas, I love putting a little extra effort in to the presentation. I think it just makes it feel more special, am I right? If I'm presented with a gift that's been carefully wrapped with ribbon and bows and just looks all round pleasing, I almost don't care what's inside.. almost, I said almost.

So this Christmas was no different. I think I get it from my mum, she always has a colour theme at Christmas and everything has to match, including the wrapping paper. So it's fair to say, it's kinda in my blood.
Being on a very tight budget this year, due to various circumstances, I couldn't afford to spend too much on what is basically going to end up in the bin by Christmas day. So I sourced my goodies on Amazon.

I got 10 metres of thick brown craft paper (here) for £3.69 + Free P&P. 10 metres is a pretty substantial amount, and I've still got plenty left. Which I'm sure will come in useful next year.

I also purchased 20 metres of red ribbon with a gold trim (here - although they only have gold and white left) for £5.59 + Free P&P. Again, 20 metres is a lot, and I've still got plenty to spare, which I can sue for all sorts of crafty bits, including Christmas decorations. The trim of the ribbon is wired, which make is mouldable in to sturdy(ish) bows and curls.

My final purchase was a pack of 50 red tags (here), priced at £2.12 + Free P&P.
In total, I spent £11.40 which isn't bad at all considering the amount of stuff I have spare, which will happily sit in my craft box for next year.

I really love brown paper for wrapping, not just at Christmas, but all year round, paired with colourful strings and tags. But for Christmas, I love the red and gold ribbon, it's just so classically Christmas to me.

What do you think of my wrapping? Has it inspired you for yours this year?

- Adel xx


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