Christmas Candle Lovin' | Yankee Candle - Christmas Cookie

Nothing quite completes those cold winter nights like a candle, and the Christmas Cookie from Yankee Candle is one of my favourites. Not all that dissimilar from the scents of Vanilla Cupcake, (another fave, can you tell I have a 'type'?) it's a gorgeous, sweet scent.
Yankee describe it as 'Buttery rich, Vanilla infused holiday sugar cookies' and it's so delicious!
It fills my house with the saliva inducing smell of fresh baking, without being overpowering. There's nothing quite as homely as that welcoming smell of something sweet in the oven, and this candle really recreates that, for less of the calories!
This makes an ideal gift for Christmas, as it's a scent you can carry on burning throughout the rest of the winter. I've bought a couple for the sweet toothed people in my life, who I know will enjoy the indulgent vanilla tones in this as much as me.
This large jar (623g) will last for a seriously long time, and retails at around £20, slightly varying depending on where you buy it from. And here's a cheeky bonus, Yankee Candle's are part of the 3 for 2 Mix and Match at Boots (find it here). There's plenty of choice if this isn't the scent for you, so make like me and pick 2 up as presents, and treat yourself to one!

What are your favourite candles to burn at this time of year? Are you a lover of all things sweet like me? Or do you prefer something a bit deeper?

- Adel xx


  1. Yankee candles are my favourite<3 I recently bought a Mint Choc Chip candle from TK Maxx, loving it!!

    I wrote about Christmas lipsticks at my blog:

    1. Oh the Mint Choc Chip sounds delicious! I love TK Maxx for some bargain finds! x


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