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Hi guys!
So if you read my last post, you know I recently bought my first Makeup Revolution items. I've been using the products a good while now, and as promised, I'm going to review them. And today, we're starting with the blushers.

If you did read my last post, you know I chose a Cream Blush in Framboise Shake and a Baked Blush in Loved Me The Best.

So let's start with the cream blush. 

First things first, the packaging. Packaging is so important in any product, as first impressions really do count. The packaging here is simplistic and stays in uniform with all the products from Makeup Revolution. In my book, you definitely can't go wrong with sleek, black packaging. Especially coupled with the gold logo on the lid. 

The formula, is, well.. creamy. It's an absolute pleasure to pick up with any makeup brush. The blush is super pigmented in the packaging, and this translates well on to the skin. Recently, I've took to using my Real Techniques Contour Brush to apply this on to the apples of my cheeks and swipe it along the cheek bones. As I've said, it is really pigmented, so for a subtle look, you really need very little product on the brush. For a swatch, scroll to the bottom of the page!

As far as longevity goes, I'm impressed. As I've said in a previous post, I've never used a cream blush, so I've not got much to go by in way of comparison, but this blush is lasting all day for me. I apply it at 6.30 am before I leave for work, set it with a little translucent powder, and when I get in at 5.30 pm after a hectic day at the office, it's still there, perking up my tired little face.  So much so, this has become my every day blush recently. And, excuse me while I scream in delight, THIS COST ME ONE POUND AND FIFTY PENCE! What a bloody bargain. I for one, will definitely be repurchasing, and in the mean time, I intend to try out some of the other colours in the range.

The next blusher I picked up was the Baked Blush in Loved Me The Best. When I saw these on the site, I couldn't resist. Just look, look at its marbleised beauty!

This blush is a mixture of dark and light pigments, with a touch of highlighting shimmer. Isn't it pretty? I love this blush. Again, the colour pay off does not disappoint here. Applied, the colour pigments come together to create a gorgeous pinkish red. The highlighting pigments are subtle, but noticeable. By that I mean, it adds light to your face without looking like you brushed cheeks in glitter. I really like that this blush contains that highlighting shimmer, it creates such a flattering glow.

Being the reddest that appeared to be on offer, this is quite a bold colour, but can be applied lightly for a subtle flush. Personally, I like to use this blush when I'm going a bit more bold with my make up look. I can't really tell you about the staying power of this blush. I only tend to wear it for a few hours at a time, you know if I go out with the girls for a few cocktails or something. But so far so good. I am keen to try out some of the other colours in this range, I'm thinking perhaps pinker, lighter colour may layer up well on the cream blush?

 Here are the swatches of both blushes. Just look at that colour pay off!

In the past, I've purchased far more expensive blushers that were so subtle they were barely there. I've always been a bit apprehensive of a bolder blush for fear of the dreaded 'clown cheeks'. But these blushes, although highly pigmented, are just so easy to wear, easy to apply and easily buildable. 

Have you tried any of the other Makeup Revolution blushers yet? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

- Adel xx


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