I Think We Have an Emergency - A Soap & Glory Dr Spot Review

Hey there, lovely ones.

How are you enjoying the bank holiday?

The past few weeks, months even, have been seriously hectic for me. I've basically been living in 3 different locations (my mums, boyfriends mums, and our new house in Manchester) for the past few months, while trying to fit in my 9-5 job and coursework. I haven't known if I've been coming or going, and I've basically been living out of a holdall for forever.

Organisation is a massive part of my life, and it drives me insane when everything isn't in it's place and proper, so I've struggled the past few months. Finally though, last week, my boyfriend and I got fully moved in to our new place. I never want to move again, packing and unpacking is stressful! Due to living between so many different houses, I didn't realise how much STUFF I actually have. How can anyone have so much? It's a bit ridiculous. I've donated 2 suitcases full of clothes to charity shops during the move. 

Anyway, we got all unpacked and sorted in time for my other half's birthday, and I had been secretly planning a surprise party for him, which happened on Friday night. It was honestly an amazing night, but yesterday, I was actual thankful for a full on hungover, slob day on the sofa. It turns out, working a full time job, completing a course, moving house and planning a surprise party can kind of take it out of you. I feel like I haven't stopped worrying, really.

So yesterday I ran myself a really indulgent bath, complete with candles and my favourite Lush goodies. It was then when I realised just how dreadful my skin was looking. The stress of everything recently, has really taken it's toll, and due to being so busy, we've not really had time to cook, so we've been ordering in.. ALOT. So I guess the diet, and the hangover, wasn't really helping.

In particular, I've found myself with a few large spots creeping about under my skin. They haven't quite taken shape yet, but I can feel them under there, ready to surface, but I plan to send them in to oblivion before they do.

And that's where this little baby comes in.

Soap & Glory's Dr Spot. I have been a massive lover of this product for quite some time, as  you can tell by the highly used, and scruffy packaging (sorry!). I first purchased it a while back, a few days before a big night out when my face had unexpectedly erupted, and I was looking for a product containing the holy grail of spot fighting ingredients, salicylic acid. Although this product didn't obliterate the spot completely before the night out, it did shrink it enough to make it completely invisible under a quick slick of concealer.  Ever since then, I've professed it's magic to many, and as a result my friends swear by it too. 

Right now, as I can feel those spots lurking beneath my skin, I will apply a small amount of the clear gel, just using the tip of my finger, kind of how you would apply Bonjela to an ulcer.  I use a small blob, morning and night, or in any emergency situation. I let it sit for ages and eventually it looses it's tackiness and kind of dries up on my face. I would say for this reason, you can't really wear make up over it, as it just doesn't sit well at all, and will eventually flake off. Personally, I wouldn't want to wear make up over it anyway, and when I have bad skin I avoid wearing foundation or concealer unless I really need to, like for nights out and things. 

I find that applying the gel at this stage of the spots lifecycle, both shortens it, but also stops the spot from becoming as red, large and aggressive as I would usually expect. So usually for me, if I left a spot untreated, it would take a good few weeks until there was zero trace of that spot left, and it would reach a point in it's life where it was so huge and angry, no amount of make up would hide it. I've found with using Dr Spot as soon as I feel a spot coming, this doesn't happen. The spot never grows to an overly large size that make up can't conceal it, and it never gets too red either. It's lifecycle is also cut down to about a week as well, which is amazing!

Another thing I appreciate about this product is that it's clear, so while it doesn't hide the spot, I don't have to walk around the house with obvious blobs of cream on my face, scaring off my boyfriend.

My current tube is the old packaging (which says a hell of a lot about how long this product has lasted me). The new packaging is shown below, and is £8 from Boots for 15ml of product. 15ml doesn't sound like a lot, but it honestly lasts ages. I seriously recommend it for any emergency breakouts!

Have you tried Dr Spot? Does it work for you?

- Adel xo


  1. Ooh this sounds amazing! It takes weeks and weeks for my spots to completely go. I wish I'd seen this yesterday, I got two things in he S&G buy one get one half price offer in Boots and I would have got this instead!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  2. Aw no! I wish I'd have posted this yesterday for you now! Well at least now you have an excuse to go back for more S&G! My spots would usually last weeks and weeks too, and it definitely cut down the life span of them for me x

  3. It's such a shame that they changed the packaging, I much prefer your tube to the new one. This is another Soap and Glory product to add to my ever growing wishlist.


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