Dull Skin? It'll be All Bright! - A Review of Botanics Micellar Cleansing Solution in 'All Bright"

'ello 'ello! Happy bank holiday Monday!

So as I mentioned to you guys in yesterday's post, due to a lot of stress and a bit of a disorganised lifestyle, I've been having problems. I mean, I look tired. Now that the house is fully moved in and in order, I've been able to take some time to sort myself out a bit. The spots are clearing up, and my diet is back to healthy veggies and green teas. I've even managed to squeeze in a little shopping, hunting for some new products to really bring some life back in to my tired and stressed out skin.

I wasn't necessarily looking for a cleanser, and definitely not a micellar water, due to already owning the L'oreal one. But when I walked in to Boots on that fateful day, it was the first thing I saw, on introductory offer for just £1.99.

Botanics have only just launched their Micellar water, and while a little late to the game, they've scored a home run. I bought the 'All Bright' one for myself, which sits nicely alongside the rest of their All Bright range. I also picked up an 'Ultra Calm' bottle of this stuff, for my mum.

There hasn't been a day since I bought this product that I have not used it, morning and night. It removes make up like a charm, and leaves my face feeling so soft. I have really sensitive skin, so using any new product is always a little worrying for me, but this genuinely feels so gentle and calm on my skin.

Since using it, I have noticed a difference in the clarity of my skin, and not only that, my boyfriend has actually commented a couple of times on how good my skin is looking recently, which is honestly a shocker. I could dye my hair bright green and he probably wouldn't notice (I'm exaggerating, but you get it). So that was a massive sign for me like 'yeah, this product is working.' My face feels less dull, and in turn my make up looks better.

It's only been around a week since I've started using this, and I'm impressed with the results so far. I'm quite tempted to try some other products from the All Bright range.

I haven't asked my mum how she's getting on with the Ultra Calm yet, but I am keen to find out, as I suffer from redness myself, and would like to see what it could do for my skin.

Currently, the All Bright Micellar Cleansing Solution is £1.99 at Boots, with a usual price of £2.99. The Ultra Calm is a little more, at £2.29 during the offer, and £3.29 afterwards. Not much difference
really, and even at full price, this product definitely won't break the bank. For me, it's worth every penny and more, and I honestly feel some strong feelings of lurrrve towards it.

Have you tried the Botanics Micellar Solutions yet? If you have, I would love to hear about your experience with them!

If you've tried any other products from the All Bright range, I'd love to hear your thoughts and any recommendations!

- Adel xo


  1. I would love to try this product now after reading this! Do you have redness in your skin? I use the Creamy Cleanser with Marshmallow and that's so gentle and soothing and doesn't irritate my skin or dry it out. Lovely Post, Beautiful Blog.
    Katie x

  2. Thanks sweetie! I do have redness, mainly on my cheeks and in my nose. When I have had a make up free day around the house after using this, my boyfriend has commented on how much better my skin is looking, though :). The creamy cleanser sounds gorgeous! I think I will definitely be trying it out. Thanks for the recommendation :) x

  3. I think your blog is soooo cute, I too have a blog that's pretty similar to yours. But at the moment I am really enjoying reading yours! Keep up the good work! Xox

  4. Nominated you for Liebster award! X

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comments :) I will have a peak at yours now :) xx


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