Clearing my sensetive skin - A review of Avène Cleanance Mask

It's Saturday you guys!

If you've been reading my blog recently, you'll know that due to a bit of stress and zero time to myself for any sort of pampering, my skin has fallen out with me. You'll also be aware that I've been on a bit of a mission to get my skin looking clearer and healthier. So far I've told you about the spot treatment I've been using to zap away those pesky pimples (Soap & Glory's Dr Spot) and the cleanser I've been using to give myself a brightness boost (Botanics' All Bright Micellar Solution). So now here's another product I've been using to give my skin an extra little helping hand in coming clear.

When it comes to exfoliating, scrubbing and face masks, I have to be so careful. My skin will seriously flare up if I'm too rough or aggressive with it, and obviously this is highly counter productive, and the exact opposite of what I'm hoping to achieve with these products, that promise to dig dip and flush out our pores.

After reading a tonne of reviews online (who doesn't do this before buying a new product?) the Avène Cleanance Mask seemed to be a pretty safe bet for my irritable skin. I was going to go for the Avène Cleanance K Exfoliating, Hydrtaing Cream Gel, however, I read that this is a little stronger, and I wanted to start off with something slightly gentler.

The product it's self is white, with a slight grainy texture, but the exfoliating beads are so tiny and don't feel too rough or irritating to my skin. I applied the mask with my finger tips, concentrating mainly on my problem areas, my cheeks, nose and chin. I would say I could feel the mask doing it's magic, but only slightly. I've used some masks, such as Soap & Glory's The Fab Pore, where you can feel quite an intense tingling. This mask doesn't quite have that effect at all for me.

This mask doesn't dry or set on your face which I really loved. I don't know about you but when I'm spending a little time with a face mask on, I like to take the opportunity to put my feet up with a good book, and I often find myself uncontrollably smiling away at the book I'm in to. To not have my face stiffen and crack while this is happening is a definite bonus.

After leaving for around 5 to 10 minutes, I took a warm muslin cloth and used this to clean off the mask in circular motions. Afterwards, my face looked, well, peachy. It wasn't red or showed any signs of feeling irritated. It left my skin feeling so soft. I honestly couldn't stop touching my hands to my face, it was such a nice feeling, and weirdly comforting. I know to say it feels like my skin was breathing is a little clichè, but hey, that's how it felt! I often suffer from oiliness building up on my face, especially on my cheeks where my pores are largest (Lucky me, eh?). I found that after this mask, my skin felt dry, but in a good way. It felt moisturised and soft but no oiliness in sight for a long time afterwards!

I've been using this mask for a little while now, I don't use it every day, as I don't want to overload my skin, but I seriously love it. It's definitely helping my skin look and feel clearer and my overall tone is evening out too.

After this, I really want to try more Avène products, and feel confident now that they won't be too harsh for my skin.

If any of you have tried any other Avène products that you'd recommend to me, I'd love to hear about them!

- Adel xo


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