My experience with the Clinique 3 Step Intro Kit - Skincare

So a while ago I ditched my ordinary Simple skin care routine in favour of trying something more high end. I was fed up of having less than average skin. I mean, I didn't have any major problems, except for pores so big I could see them without my glasses on, which is saying something. Also, every month, right on cue, I get the biggest spot and a couple of dinky ones usually on my chin, which comes hand in hand with my ever so enjoyable (not) gift from mother nature. 

I've heard friends praise Clinique skin care like it's the be all and end all, and I thought the intro kit would be perfect to give something high end a go without blowing my bank balance on a tonne of stuff and it being wrong for me. And I'm seriously glad I didn't go in all guns blazing and splurge on a full sized set.

First Impressions

Everything smelled 'clinical'. Which I guess is sort of agiven in the name of the brand. The moisturiser reminded me of the smell of the dentist for some weird reason. The facial soap smelled really, well, soapy. The clarifying lotion smelled so much of alcohol it made my eyes water. So I was seriously sceptical, especially due to having quite sensitive skin.

First 2 Weeks

After the first two weeks of using this little kit religiously day and night, I saw major improvements. I really wasn't a fan on the clarifying lotion, I only used a small amount due to it stinging my eyes every time I used it. Despite this, my pores had shrunk so much and my make up was looking amazing now, instead of sinking right in to them. I also have a horrible dry patch on the end of my nose which make up always makes look ten times worse. After a few days, this had completely gone, and again my make usual foundation was looking better than it had in a long time. 

I was over the moon, well and truly ecstatic, my skin had never looked better, ever. I didn't even know my skin had this kind of potential. I was filled with confidence and even started going out to the shops etc with no make up - something I would never have felt confident enough to do before.

Brilliant right?


1 Month

After what I'm going to call 'The Honeymoon Period', my skin became less than happy. I started to break out in to a few small spots and thought nothing of it, I can't expect to never ever get spots. But slowly, as I continued using the products day and nights, things worsened. Those tiny spots ballooned up and formed large angry looking things. I felt pretty crap, but decided to see it through. Which was the worst decision I could have made. I ended up with clusters of large angry spots all over my face. It was like full on acne. I'd never had acne, ever. My skin had never looked like this. Not even during my greasiest teen years. My entire face was covered in bright red clusters of spots, and they hurt. I was going through so much concealer but they were impossible to hide. I lost all my confidence and felt so down. I couldn't believe how bad my skin was, and I blamed the harshness of the products. I've always known I have sensitive skin, but I'd never seen it react like this.

In The End

I decided to stop using the products immediately and switched back to my Simple routine. It took a long time for my skin to calm down, but eventually it's gone back to normal. There's one area on my cheek where I'd had a particularly bad cluster, that is now constantly blemished and red, which is annoying but it's not scarred or anything. 
I had been so elated with my initial results, but I can see why such harsh products caused my skin to behave this way. I'm glad I tried it, because if I hadn't I'd still be hankering after it, but it really wasn't for me. 

I still use the tiniest, tiniest drop of the clarifying lotion on the end of my nose, as it is a powerful exfoliator and keeps the dry patch at bay. And I only do that once a day.

If you have sensitive skin, I would honestly recommend you steer clear of these products, as they are just too harsh, and I don't want anyone to have to put my skin what mine went through.

Have you used any of these products before? Would love to hear your experiences?

If you have any tips on how to banish my spots and large pores, without upsetting my sensitive skin, I would be eternally grateful :)

- Adel xo


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