What's in my (brand new) bag?

'Ello sugarplums!
How's your weekend been? Bloody lovely I hope.
I indulged in a little shopping trip today. All this sunny weather has me craving pastels and peaches and creams like crazy. My standard black bag is kind of looking a little gloomy now, so I've been on the hunt for a lighter, brighter, happier number. I love Tkmaxx for handbags. My boyfriend got me a stunning burgundy Dune bag for Christmas from there, and it's my favourite bag ever, although definitely more at home in autumn/winter. As soon as I walked in to my local Tkmaxx store today, it caught my eye. Agasint all the browns and creams, this peachy nude baby was sat there, practically waving at me.
Apologies for the crappy photo, my canon battery has kicked the bucket, so until my new one arrives, my phone camera will have to make do.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand, the bag! It's beautiful, don't you think? Finances are a little squeezed at the minute, so I actually talked myself out of buying it and left the shop. I think we got managed about 10 seconds until my boyfriend was sick of me talking his ear off about how 'I think I just left a piece of my heart behind'. Obviously I was over dramatising the situation, and only playing around. Ok so, I was 90% joking.. maybe 80%. But, I knew I'd found my staple summer bag, and that it would accompany me on all my summer adventures. From cocktails on the terrace in the evenings to a light lunch at my local cafe to various other outings and trips away, this bag would be there, holding all my essentials for me, and looking good doing so. Casual or classy, fancy or no fuss, this bag is going to blend in to any outfit throught spring/summer. It's a brillaint size, big enough to be able to keep everything I need on a daily basis, without the need for too much digging around. The colour and the gold detailing really seal the deal for me though. It's simple, classy, and subtley beautiful. Am I gushing a little too much?
This evening, I've made 'the transfer'. It's not permenant, just as I suspect this sunshine we're having won't be, but for now, this bag is my go to bag for sun filled occasions. Making the transfer of all my basic handbag stuff inspired me to do a little 'what's in my bag' post so, here we go...

So we'll go from left to right. First up is my Laura Ashley 'Shopping List' notepad. I got this in the Boots Boxing Day sales at 50% off, so it was about £1.50/£2 or something like that, I can't remember fully, but it's so handy to keep on my bag (with a pen) to make any little notes. Often when I'm at stuck in the office I end up thinking of bits I need to do or buy so I can jot them down here before I forget them again.
Underneath that is a Pure Fruit Yoyo from Asda, in Strawberry. Did you ever eat Fruit Winders as a child? This is like a full on healthy version of those. You get 2 wheels of dried fruit, the ingredients are all on the back, it's usually made up of a few different dried fruits, but in this case primarily strawberry. I eat one ever day as a snack, as I'm quite a 'peckish' person and always snack between meals. I'm trying to stop reaching for crisps and chocolate so this is a healthy alternative and actually, I really enjoy them.
Next up, my car and home keys, on my lovely Cath Kidston lanyard which was just £3 and it's so handy to stop your keys getting lost in the bottom of your bag.
Anti-bacterial hand gel is always, always in my bag, I think I'm a bit of an addict. I can't leave the house without it, it's just so useful. Hand hygiene is important, especially if I've been out and about/at work touching stuff and I'm about to eat a Pure Fruit Yoyo with my hands. Also, it smells amazing, it's Cucumber and Garden Mint' but I think it smells a bit like watermelon.
Next is a little pouch I got last year, which was initially a free No7 promotional gift, which got given to me when I worked at Boots. It's now empty of make up, however, and I actually use it to keep paracetamol, Nurofen, pro plus and, at this time of year, cold and flu tablets. You never know when a headache is going to strike! Especially as I'm literally sat at a computer for 9 hours a day. Better to be prepared I say! I also keep the other cosmetic-y bits you can see in the pic in this pouch too usually.
Hand Food, I usually have a mini one of these in my bag as it's easier to carry around, but my mini ran out recently so I've replaced it with the big one until I re-purchase. The Anti-bac hand gel isn't overly drying, I do sometimes notice it a little, so I keep this on me to counteract that.
Obviously I keep a purse in my bag, and at the minute I'm using this Cath Kidston purse my boyfriend bought for me 2 Christmas' ago. It's keeps me so organised with it's many compartments, and I've got my eye on the new prints coming out, to purchase another.
Next up is the Carmex, in a lovely cherry flavour. In the last few months, my lips have been getting quite dry, so it's good to keep applying this throughout the day.
I've also been carrying around Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Nudist around with me recently. It's not got much staying power, but it's a great day time look when I'm just at work or pottering around. Also, if I somehow rush out of the house without putting on lipstick when I intended to, slicking this on makes me feel better, and nude will go fine with anything I'm wearing.
Lastly,  I've got a little mini perfume from Superdrug that my mum purchased for me last Christmas as a bit of a Stocking filler, I liked it so much I went and bought some more in the sales, but they only sell them during the festive season as far as I'm aware, which is a bit of a shame because this is so handy to keep in my bag,
I usually keep a little pocket mirror in my bag too from Accessorize, but I forgot to include this, whoops! I don't tend to carry make up around with me unless I know I'm going somewhere or doing something after work. I also carry my make up bag around with me if I'm going on a day trip or something but on the average working day, I tend to keep it minimal and don't bother re-touching through out the day, unless I'm going through a particularly oily face, and I'll keep a brush and powder compact on me.
So there you go, you've had a little nosey in to my bits and bobs I carry around with me on the daily. I'd love to have a little nosey at yours if you've done a post like this, so definitely send me links!
- Adel xx


  1. I love your bag, such a lovely colour. I always carry hand food always its amazinggg, would love for you to check out my blog if you have a spare minute! X


    1. Thanks sweetie!! I'll definitely check your blog out :) xx


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