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Recently, I realised that perhaps I've settled on many things in life, and can be a little averse to trying new things. One of these things, is my skin care routine. I've used an entirely Simple routine for a long time, my skin is highly sensitive, and Simple never causes it to react. But at the same time, I feel like my skin never looks glowing, or fresh and clear. Now, great skin doesn't come naturally, both my parents and their parents have quite blemished skin and large pores, so obviously being blessed with naturally perfect skin isn't in my gene pool. In my teenage years, Simple was the only thing I found (that didn't cost the earth) that gave me the best looking skin that I felt like I could achieve, and I've stuck with it since. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, night cream, deep cleansing masks, exfoliating scrubs, you name it, and I have the Simple product, sat in my drawer. Simple has never done me wrong, but it struck me recently, that I'm not overly happy with my skin. It's never quite blemish free, and I don't know, I look at my skin and it feels dark, mucky perhaps. So I thought, this might be the hand I've been dealt, but that doesn't mean there aren't products out there that can't help me improve it. I needed to take the plunge, and try a new skin care routine. I don't thing I'll ever truly desert Simple, unless I find a truly miraculous product, because my skin is a lot better than it used to be. However, I'm not a spotty teen any more, and perhaps my skin needs something else. It's a bit worrying, really, putting something new on my temperamental skin, as I never know how it's going to react, but I decided I need to take that risk, and I could end up finding something amazing, and discovering skin I'm really happy with.
After many hours of browsing and reading reviews, I kept being drawn back to Clinique, I've always wanted to try out there skin care, after hearing and seeing great things, and now I have a proper job and little bit more money behind me, I thought 'the time has come'.

Clinique do great little 3 Step Intro kits, which contains smaller versions of their regular products to introduce you to their 3 step skin care system, and allow you to try it without spending a whole load of money on large bottles of product that may not actually work for you. Each set is custom fit to your skin care type, and costs £20.

I chose my set for Skin Type 2 - which is dry/combination, as at the time I was very concerned by the constantly dry skin on and around my nose and chin. Although, I do have large pores on my cheeks which can get quite oily during the course of the day and cause my make up to look quite shiny, so I think if this set doesn't work for me, I would try the Skin Type 3, which is for Combination/Oily. But as it is, I chose the Skin Type 2, mainly because when looking at skin types on the Clinique website, I could't find anything for oily cheeks and dry T-zones. Also, I ran through the Skin Consultation on Clinique's website, and this is what was recommended for me, as well as some other products to combat blemishes and pores.
The fact that this set cost just £20, allowing me to try out a whole Clinique skin care routine without breaking the bank, meant that I was willing to give this set a go, and if it didn't work out, I would just purchase the Type 3 set and give that a whirl, before I made any decisions to purchase the any full size products.

The back of the box reads;
use the dermatologist-developed 3-step System for your Skin Type twice a day. In 10 days, see your healthiest skin ever. Allergy Tested. 100% fragrance free. 
From day one... 3 step helps sweep away dulling flakes and balance moisture. See a pimple? It's the oily 'gunk' trapped in your pores emerging as whiteheads or blackheads. Keep going...soon skin will look clearer, brighter, and feel velvety. Pores will seem smaller. After 10 days... You're seeing that famous Clinique glow. Cheeks feel smooth, comfortable. Skin is better prepped for treatments. Makeup looks better, too.

The box comes with a little leaflet inside, which takes you through each step.

So lets start with the first step; a 50ml Facial Soap to Cleanse.
'It's how great skin begins - in three skin-typed formulas. Leaves skin feeling clean, comfortable, refreshed, without drying. Preps skin for next steps.'

The soap doesn't really smell of much, and is quite thick, almost a little gel like. A little goes a long way with this, so you don't need to slather a tonne of it all over your face. After splashing my face with warm water I used my fingers to rub in a small blob, and spread it around, taking a bit of extra time around my nose and chin. I then washed off with warm water. My skin felt really clean, like it was breathing, it felt really soft as well. I've always avoided soaps on my face in the past, and used cleansing lotions, as soap tends to react to my skin, making it feel itchy, tight and dry. This product definitely didn't do that, which is what I was really worried about. My skin definitely didn't feel dry at all, just soft and clean. There isn't that much else to say really, seeing as it was my first time using this product, I felt quite positive about it, but only time will tell I guess. 

Step 2: 100ml Clarifying lotion, to exfoliate. 
'The difference-maker. Applied with a cotton ball, gentle exfoliating action sweeps away dead, dull cells. Speeds fresher, livelier cells to skins surface to promote radiance. Four skin-typed formulas address any need.'

Initially, I felt confused by this step, and expected this to be a toner, where as Clinique describes it be an exfoliator. I always thought the 3 steps to skin care were 'Cleanse, tone, and moisturise', which is what I lived by when using my Simple routine. I treated exfoliating as an extra perk for my skin, and only did it every other day, or less, which now I realise might have been where I've been going wrong.  Anyway, after using the Facial Soap, I patted my skin dry with a towel, and then used a cotton wool pad to apply this. The first thing I noticed about the Clarifying Lotion was the smell. It smells very strongly of alcohol, and I felt hesitant about putting this on my skin. When I did, the strong alcohol smell stung my eyes like crazy, which made sense why the leaflet tells you to avoid the eye area with this product. I wasn't impressed at first, it felt wrong putting this on to my sensitive skin. But if my skin felt clean after soap, this lotion managed to get muck out of my skin that I didn't know was there. The colour of the cotton wool pad shocked me, I genuinely thought my skin had been quite clean, but this lotion really did get down deep in to my pores and give my skin a clean on a whole new level. I was impressed, and quickly changed my opinion. I would describe the way it felt when applying it, as something close to stinging, but not, it was less than a sing, and it was pleasant, I I'd probably describe it as a strong tingle. I could feel it getting in to my pores, and the air around my face felt so fresh. By the time I'd done, I was a little bit addicted to the way it made my skin feel, and how much crap it managed to dig out on to the cotton wool pad. I have only used this product once as yet, and so I've get to see if the strength of it is going to cause my over sensitive skin to react, but so far I've had no sign of irritation, just happy feelings.

Step 3: 30ml Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, to moisturise. 
'Softens, smooths and improves skin's texture and condition. Maintains skin's optimal moisture balance. In lotion or oil free gel.'

Again, the first thing that struck me about this product was the smell. It reminded me of the e45 cream I used to use as a kid when I had eczema, which instantly made me feel like it smelled medicinal. To be honest, nothing from this set has had a brilliant smell, but that's a really good thing in my opinion. I really dislike putting anything that smells pretty or fruity or fragranced on my face, as I find it can be irritating, and essentially, not a good for the skin, which is the whole point of skin care. All of the products are %100 fragrance free, so any smells being produced are just coming naturally from the ingredients and chemicals, so although it may not smell all delicious and good enough to eat, it's not a bad thing. When I put the lotion on my face, I felt it had a weird consistency, it wasn't as creamy as I had expected, and if I rubbed over the same patch a little too much I could see it turning a little white, so I made sure to just spread it thinly over my face, without trying to rub it in, and let it soak in. It took a little longer to full absorb compared to what I'm used to, but my skin felt really soft after, and those dry bits around my nose and chin? Not a problem, I even applied foundation and powder after, and my foundation has never looked better without the use of a primer, especially in the dry areas, where make up would normally gather and highlight the dry patches. 

So far, I'm really impressed with this little set. My first impressions are that it's working, it's doing it's job and hopefully working to make my skin a better version of it's self over time. Hopefully after a few weeks I'll start to see a visible difference... fingers crossed!

Have you tried the Clinique 3 step skin care routine? What were the results? Or are you thinking about trying it? Let me know! :)

- Adel xx


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