REVIEW - ELF Matte Lip Colour in Rich Red

Hey there my lovely little lambs! 
Hope you're well this pleasant (or not so pleasant, depending on where you are) Friday evening. How are you spending the weekend?
Tonight, I'm definitely catching up on some sleep. A lately, I'm kind of feeling a lot older than I actually am. Hands up if your early 20's and stay in more than your parents. Oh yes, this is my life. Anyway, thankfully the boyfriend has come up trumps and is taking me out to my favourite local Italian this weekend. (I loooove Italian, gimme that creamy pasta! And please let's not talk about carbs). It's kind of like a Valentines night out, a week early. Every where always bumps their prices up for Val Day, so we usually go out the week before or after. Hey, don't judge, every little helps and all that. We'll just be staying in on Valentines, probably with pizza, beers and Netflix. Anyway, for my pre-valentines date, I want the perfect red lip. Something quite playful, but bold too.
A while ago I made my first ever ELF order, and this Matte Lip Colour was something I was yet to try out from the haul.

I've heard so many good things about ELF, but completely bought this on a whim without reading any reviews, which is really not like me at all. But I just thought, for £3.75, why not give it a whirl? 

I don't usually do this, (risk of breakage alert!) but I never really trust these twisty pencil types to hold very much. Granted, this isn't a whole load of product, but as you can see below, it's very pigmented, and a little goes a long way.

I don't know why, but I didn't expect this to be as pigmented as it is. Excuse the light in this photo, which makes it look a little lighter than it actually is. It applies nicely, it's creamy and soft, so you really don't have to try hard to transfer the colour on to you lips. In fact, on my first application, I was a little too heavy handed and it bled every where, and was quite a messy ordeal. It definitely requires you to be light handed, especially as I didn't use a lip liner, which meant I had to be careful as it did bleed quite easily at the edges of my lips. However, the small pencil shape makes it easier to be a bit more precise. I usually use a lip brush, which is something I will do in the future with this, as it will help control the product placement better. 

Please excuse my absolutely horrific skin in this photo! I'm in the middle of a skin crisis, pores, dryness, spots, redness.. you name it. Anyway, Check out the colour of the lips! I'm right by the window here, so there's a lot of natural light. In artificial light, the colour looks a little darker. I think you can see the bright, pinky tones more in natural light. I think colour-wise, this is exactly what I was after, a fairly bold colour, but still a little bright, and flirty. Also, the cool tones in it compliment and brighten my pale skin (and it definitely needs a little brightening right now).

The photo above is after about 4 hours of wear. With no extra help from protective balms or gloss, I thought this was quite good, there is a little fading in the centre of my lips, which is enhanced by the window light.

Although this lip colour is 'matte' I've definitely had matte lip colours that are a lot more... well.. matte. I think this colour has a little shine to it, and compared to other matte lip colours, doesn't give off the same effect. But, honestly, I'm not bothered. It's light and playful and as I said before, complimentary to my skin tone. As to whether I'd buy it again, I think I need a little more time to play around with it, and see how it holds up on my early Val Day date.
What do you think?
Have you tried any ELF Matte Lip Colours? I would love links to your reviews.
- Adel xx


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