The Perfect Bath

Alright there you lovely ones!

How's your Monday been?

Initially, this post was going to be a standard ‘What to buy your guy for Valentines’ post. But as I was doing some browsing, I saw something magical. My guy is a massive gadget geek, so naturally my first port of call was the Men Kind website. If we go on a little shopping trip together, we always pop in there (basically I feel bad for dragging him around the shops, and spending a bit of time in here is his part of the shopping trip). Anyway, browsing this site, I saw something that instantly made me stop. THIS:

That’s right, lights, floating in and around your bath.
I am a candle junkie (so much so I would put a £100 bet on my other half gifting me some sort vanilla/candy scented one for Val Day). I always have candles around my bath, a little music (perhaps a little wine on the odd Friday night), and I always use a bath bomb that fills my bath with petals and other magical bits. As you have probably gathered, I’m a shower girl on a working day, so when I do a bath, I do it properly and indulge. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel enough, I want to be surrounded by floating candles like some sort of Disney style scene. Tea lights in the bath – probably not going to float, and definitely not safe… trying not to cringe as I think about hair meets flame.
And now I’ve seen it, and I’m wondering why I never even thought to search the internet before. Floating bath lights, that change colour! Can candles change colour? Erm, no, I don’t believe they can! So while I’m guessing these little light balls don’t emit a sweet scent, they do last approx. 120 hours. That’s a whole lot of baths. I’ll admit, in the image with the lights on (on the site), stuck to the walls, they do look a little bit like something used to lure an unwilling child in to the dreaded tub. But, I can just picture, a couple of these bobbing about in the bath, a scented candle or two on the side, a Lush Bath Bomb and a bit of acoustic music… I feel relaxed just thinking about it. Also, I think it’d kind of be like being surrounded by little fairies… yeah, maybe I am that child that needs to be lured in to the bath with colours and pretty lights.

Maybe I’ll have to casually leave the link open on the computer for my boyfriend to see… we all guilty of doing that, right?

-      - Adel xx


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  2. Aww thank you lovely! :) x


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