I AM IN LOVE.. with a fabulous nail polish! A Maybelline Colour Show Brocades review

Alright my loves!
So I've not posted for a little while. This Monday was my birthday, and my boyfriend took me on a weekend away, as you know if you've been following my 100 Happy Days posts. I'm really loving doing those posts by the way, not only is it good for me to realise the little things that make me happy in life, it's a good way to keep me blogging every day, and giving you guys a little nosey in to my life. Anyway, the weekend away was amazing!

We took my little pooch Charlie and our lodge was big and modern, and we had our own private hot tub. It's fair to say that I did NOT leave that thing. When we first got home on Monday, I took a bath and never has sitting in hot water felt so bland and a little bit depressing! Where were my jets, and bubbles? (and bubbly for that matter!).
Anyway, enough of that, I'm here to tell you about the love of my life. My mother will tell you that I used to have a very unhealthy nail varnish addiction. I kept two large (very large) hot boxes under my bed, both filled to the brim of nail varnishes. One day, I'd had enough and I threw so many out, and managed to reduce my two hat boxes down to a box about half the size of a shoe box, which I felt was quite the miracle, considering. So I've refrained from splurging on nail varnishes since then. It's hard, I won't like. I don't know what it is about them, I can't walk past a counter and not be drawn in by the display of tiny bottles of colour and sparkle. If there's a 3 for 2 offer and I need some products, I tend to treat myself to a nail varnish as the freebie. So when I was in Boots recently, picking up some items to re-stock my beauty bag, I was drawn to Maybelline's display. Their Colour Show range has always had some sort of magnetic pull on me since it's release. It's like a little rainbow of beautiful colours, catching my eyes. I was oggling a little, trying to decide if I really needed any more nail varnish.. and then I saw them. They caught my eye like a diamond on the shelf. The Colour Show Brocades range, all lined up in a sparkly little row.

What girl doesn't love a sparkly gem of a glitter nail polish? Oh, I saw all 4 of these shades and felt in instant love. I wanted to scoop up one of each, but refrained, and after a much consideration, I settled for the Knitted Gold colour. I'm a huge fan of gold accessories and make up. Black and gold is my instant go to for a night out look, so it made sense for me to choose this shade. Although I definitely want them all!
Knitted Gold, oh, I love the name.

In the bottle, the pink glittery flecks really stand out, and give the whole it an almost frosty rose look. However, this changes entirely on the nails, and really does look like knitted gold!

Here I've painted 2 layers over false nails, and you can still see the white tips a tiny bit so probably needs another layer. I've worn it loads on my natural nails, and 2 layers is plenty enough to create quite a bold look.

As you can see, with a little light on it, the gold really comes through behind the pink, and shines beautifully! At a distance, the glitter, pinkish pieces stand against the gold and create an almost crinkled gold foil look. I also think that close up, the combination of glitter and gold, creates an almost 'croc' print look, which is quite nice.
What I love about a glitter polish, is their staying power. Although this becomes a bit of a negative when trying to remove with even the strongest nail polish removers. This one is no different, it's staying power is great! I always lightly file the tops of my nails to create a subtle but rough surface before applying the varnish. I put a top coat of clear polish on every day to keep them look fresh and prevent chipping, although there is no need for this when painting on to false nails, as I've found chipping just doesn't occur. 
As I've said, every girl loves a glittery polish, and this one is not only that, but it's shiny like a piece of jewellery, and reflects the light. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice my nails looked! Which was a bit of a shock to the system!  
I've been wearing this colour non-stop for probably a month now! I like to take my polish off quite often, to clean my nails, prevent any staining, and give myself a file and manicure. I'm always, always changing the colour of my nails (I think this happened around the time I had to stop changing the colour of my hair every other week as it was falling out). I'm so impatient, I think the problem is that I love so many different shades and I love pearly finishes, matte finishes, glittery finishes... I can never  choose, or stay with one polish long, I always keep swapping and changing. But every time I've removed this fabulous number and given my nails a little love, I've found myself putting it back on again. Oh, I think I may have found the one.

All in all, I most definitely encourage you to go out and spend your money on this beaut of a product! It's £3.99 but I got mine in a 3 for 2 offer at Boots, and believe there's a buy one get one half price offer on them at Superdrug at the minute. I can't wait to try out the other colours, and buy another bottle of this little gem... you know.. just for spare. I am an absolute magpie! I guess I haven't quite recovered from my addiction to nail polish, but with such bottles of such beautiful sparkly-ness around, who can blame me.
- Adel xx


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