Dainty Gold Rings - An Obsession and a Wish List

Hey there my lovelies!
So I planned an outfit post for this weekend, but unfortunately caught the bug that seems to be going around, and I didn't feel like propping my weak and snotty self up in front of a camera. So here's something a little different.
The other night, with a little extra birthday money to burn, I began to browse the online shops. I found myself deciding that I was in desperate need of rings. I love rings, and sported many when the big bulky type were in fashion. I purchased a delicate gold midi ring in the sales not so long back, and fell in love with this style of ring. A slim band, a delicate pattern, so simple and yet so pretty.  You can have bit of fun with them too, stacking and bejewelling every finger without it looking over the top... and in comparison to the large bulky rings; less finger pain when some one squeezes your hand. So I decided I need more of these rings in my life. I only have a little budget, especially for something so small that I'm highly likely to lose or break. So I've made a wish list of all the rings I personally love and would snap them all up right now if I could. I have to apologise if you're reading this post if you're a silver kinda gal... all my jewellery tends to be gold toned, mainly because I love a black and gold combo.
First things first, on browsing travels, I found a lot of 'OK' packs of these sorts of rings, and felt they would be a good idea if you wanted to stack them up and create a fuller look, but buying separately meant more choice in design. I've mixed it up with both standard and midi rings. Here's the singletons:
1. Cut Out Bird Midi Ring - Topshop / 2. Branch Ring - ASOS / 3. Double Heart Ring - Topshop / 4. Rectangle Ring - ASOS / 5. Circle Midi Ring - Urban Outfiters / 6. Panther Ring - ASOS / 7. Scroll Ring - ASOS / 8. Triangle Cut Out Ring - Topshop / 9. Cat Ears Ring - ASOS / 10. Cream Triangle Midi Ring - Topshop / 11. Black Ball Ring - Topshop / 12. Arrow Ring - Urban Outfitters
Number 13 is a bit off topic really, not so dainty, and definitely not with in my budget here, but it's absolutely adorable! And I just couldn't leave it out. So here's number 13.. my big splurge item. 13. Bill Skinner Hare Ring - ASOS

I love all of these rings, and if I had an endless supply of money and storage, I'd snap them all up. I'm finding making a choice quite difficult, I want a few to accessories my outfits with, and wear together or separate. Right now, I'm leaning towards a combo of 3, 5 and 12. What do you think?

Next up is the packs, I found it hard to find decent packs. There's always just the odd one or two that spoils it, or they tend to have a little less character. But I found a few I'm definitely considering. 

1. Gold Midi Rings - Dorothy Perkins / 2. Gold Infinity Ring and Midi Ring - Ever Ours / 3. Love Midi Ring Pack - ASOS / 4. Fun Pack Finger Tip Rings - ASOS

I managed to find 4 packs that I could really see myself wearing either together or mixed with other rings. I am head over heels in love with number 4. So fun and cute! These rings would look great together and mixed up with other more serious style rings... and for just £10 I'm definitely leaning towards purchasing these little cuties. I would love to hear your opinions!
I think a pack purchase, mixed with a few from my first list, would give me enough rings to mix it up every day for quite some time, and easily find a good combo to go with any outfit. Let me know if you're loving this trend, and I'd love to hear which rings you'd pick and put together.
- Adel xx


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