Subtle smokey eye - my day to day look

Hello dear ones :)
So following up from my post on my everyday eye essentials, I thought I'd do a post on my general every day look, with a subtle smokey eye, pink lips and a subtle pink cheek.
I keep my day to day make up in this cute Cath Kidston bag (New Rose Bouquet Cosmetic Bag - £12.99). It makes it easy to access every morning, and I know if I have this bag on me, I'll be suitably prepared for anything, such as necessary top ups, or unexpected journeys and stay overs.
So as you have probably already read, ( - for those who haven't) I have my essential eye products in here, but also a few others. Here's a list of the items I store in this bag, for everyday use:

- No7 Stay Perfect Mascara (12.95 @ Boots)
- Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette (£7.00 @ Superdrug).
- No7 Instant Radiance Foundation in 43 Calico (£12.50 @ Boots)
- No7 Perfect Light Pressed Powder in 05 Translucent (£11.50 @ Boots)
- L'Oreal Paris Colour Appeal Eyeshadow in Golden Rose (£5.99 @ Boots/Superdrug)
- Maybelline Expert Wear Blush in Rose (£5.19 @ Superdrug)
- Rimmel London Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (£6.49 @ Superdrug)
- Clinique Pretty Lips Colour & Gloss Duo – High Impact Lip Colour in 17 Rosette - Long Lasting Gloss in 12 Kissyfit (this was actually a freebie but can be bought separately at Clinique counters)
-  Simple Radiance Moisturiser (Purchased from Boots, I can't remember the price and can't seem to find it on the website, does anyone knows if this product has been discontinued? Panicking a bit here guys!)
- Simple Radiance Eye Cream (Again I purchased this at Boots but can't see it anywhere. Managed to source it at Tesco for £6.99. I sincerely hope they're not discontinuing this range, I live and breathe by it!)  

As you can tell I use these items a lot, as they're looking a bit scruffy and worse for wear! My bag also usually contains No7 Instant Radiance Concealer in Shade 1 (£12.95 @ Boots) but I've recently run out and had no time to go grab one.. for shame!
Speaking of shame, here's a few shameless selfies of the look I create using these products.

 The first part of my routine is to apply both the Simple moisturisers, and leave for a minute, until my face is feeling tacky. I've been doing this every morning for 2 months now, and I've found my skin to become much clearer and brighter, as well as making my foundation look tonnes better.
I then apply my No7 Instant Radiance foundation using a Real Techniques Buffing brush. I use this brush to apply foundation in the mornings, when I don't have much time, as it's a quick, even coverage with minimal effort.

At this point, I would use my No7 concealer that I mentioned earlier, if i had any, on the tops of my cheek bones, under my eyes, and a hint on my nose and chin. However, I had to skip that for these photos, as I'm a lazy bear that needs to get to the shops! But this concealer is a great illuminator, and I'll use it in a post when I stock back up!

I then set all over with the No7 powder. before applying my blusher. I use a Models Own Powder brush, to apply the Maybelline blusher. The colour, Rose, is perfect for a nice subtle blush on pale skin like mine, as an over dramatic blush can look horrendous on such pale skin. The Models Own Powder brush has a thin edge, which is great for having control over your blush. I use it to go up and along the edges of my cheek bones to create a bit of definition.

I create a subtle smokey eye using my Sleek palette, L'Oreal Paris eyeshadow and Models Own Shading and Blending Brushes. I used the light brown in the Sleek Palette to create a cut crease look with the tip of the shading brush, but then I blended it up and out, until it had a very subtle effect. This sounds like a long process, but the Models Own Blending brush actually makes it quite quick and easy, as long as you don't put too much product on in the first place. I then apply a little more using the tip of the shading brush again, in the corners of my eye, both top and bottom lid, and blended, just to add a little more definition here.
I then used the L'Oreal eyeshadow on the tip of the Shading brush, and applied it to the inner corners of both my top and bottom lid, and blended it in along the lid. This can be seen best in the very first picture, the colour is subtle, and adds a little bit of light and shimmer, opening your eyes and making them look bigger and brighter.

 I then use the Rimmel Waterproof Gel eyeliner, but I don't use the applicator that comes with it, as I find it difficult and clumsy to hold and control. I use a Models Own Angled brush, and dip this in to the gel instead. The brush has a nice thin edge, and the gel is easily buildable, so they work together great to create the thinnest and thickest of lines. I also go along the outer corner of my bottom lid with the liner. Often with such dark eyeliners, I have trouble applying them to the bottom lid, as it's such a watery part of my eye. But this one has great sticking power, and applies with no problems. I use this liner as it still looks great at the end of the day, and I can top it up at any time, to create more of a dramatic look for any after work plans.

For my lips, I use the lipstick part of the Clinique Duo. The lipstick can be bought separate, which is something I plan on doing after the duo runs out. When I got it in a little freebie gift set, I gave it a go, and now I don't know how ever got on with out it. The colour is just perfect for me, subtle enough to wear to the office, and bright enough to lighten up my face. I absolutely adore it. I tend to use the gloss on top of it when going out straight after work, as the gloss is a brighter and bolder pink, and adds a bit more edge to the look.

So I've pretty much gotten my every day face routine down to a tea, I love to try new products though, so no doubt I'll be shaking this up pretty soon. But at the minute, this is working great for me, it's quick and easy in the mornings before work, yet I don't walk around all day feeling like I haven't made an effort. I think I'll leave you with a few more selfies that I took before work yesterday morning (see, this routine is so quick and easy, you can fit a few of your daily selfies in before work, and actually look good in them!). And if any one has any products they could not go a day with out, please feel free to share with me!

- Casper xx


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