My every day eye essentials - a review

These are the 2 products I use every day on eyes to create a simple day time look.

Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette
£7.00 - Superdrug

I love this palette as a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. The colours are perfect to create natural and smokey eyes, as they range from nude and subtle to dark and bold,. Basically it's got your day time and night time looks all in one palette. The use the nude colours to create a base, and use a Models Own angled brush to create a subtle cut crease look, and a blending brush to, well, blend. The black is great to use with the small angled brush to create a subtle alternative to eyeliner. I use this product every day with out fail, I just couldn't be without it, and it £7.99, it's a steal!

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara 
£12.95 - Boots
This is my ultimate day time mascara! I have quite watery eyes, especially in the cold, harsh wind at winter. When this product first launched earlier in the year, I was so excited. It claimed to be completely smudge free and waterproof, and easily removable with a cotton wool pad and warm water. It was just in time for my summer lodge holiday, where a group of friends and I would be spending a whole week by a lake and in a hot tub, so I had to give this a go. I doubted its ability to stick in the hot tub, but it did! granted after a few hours of drinking and dunking my face in the water, it started to waver, but it held up amazingly compared to any other waterproof mascara I've tried. And getting it off at the end of the day is a dream compared to the others. I used to have a constant battle every night and still ended with not fully clean eyes. But with this mascara, I dip my cotton wool pad in to some hot water and wipe, the mascara comes off in sort of elastic feeling tubes. My eyes and eyelashes are completely clean with fairly minimal effort. I wouldn't use this mascara for a night time or occasion look, as it doesn't give volume, but I do use this product every day, as I know no matter what I face, it will stick with me, through wind, rain, and tears.


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