Festive Manicure: A Models Own - Velvet Goth Review

Over the years, I've practiced a lot of nail art, and Christmas is one of my favourite times to get creative. I usually choose a silver glitter or gold glitter base, and then use nail art pens to draw on snow flakes and snowmen. But I always think red is a brilliantly festive colour, and every winter half of my wardrobe ends up being a deep red or burgundy. So this year I kept my eyes peeled for a nice red varnish that I could use to create festive nails. I first came across Sally Hansen's crushed Gem Crush Collection in Boots. I'm a massive fan of Sally Hansen, and thoroughly recommend the Insta-Dri Anti Chip Top Coat, it works a dream! The Gem Crush collection is literally mesmerising, so sparkly! But I wanted a red a little deeper than the one they had on offer.
My attention turned to the Models Own stand, I've never tried Models Own nail polishes before, and I saw the perfect shade waiting for me to try,

Velvet Goth

The lid is velvety, which actually I find quite cringey to touch, it sort of gives me the feeling that some people get from nails down a chalk board. So far though, this is my own grumble, and it's probably just me being a bit weird. The actual varnish is brilliant! Although I'm a huge fan of Rimmel's wide and flat nail varnish brush, I still found the average brush on this product easy to use, as the consistency of this varnish is thick, but just runny enough to spread nicely, and unlike other glitter varnishes I have tried in the past, the colour was not lacking, the actual red of the varnish was bold. With only one coat, the nail underneath could not be seen (see picture below). And, unlike cheaper alternatives, there is plenty of glitter in this sparkly little baby! Here's a picture of it painted on to a false nail, this is just one coat with no base or top coat.

I know when I'm doing my nails in this Christmas party season, I will only need one coat of this, and it will look extra shiny with a slick of top coat. It also dried really quickly, which is handy for me as I tend to get impatient and try do things while they're still drying. Overall, I'm so happy I gave this product ago, and would definitely recommend it for your Christmas lists or as a treat to yourself when prepping for the party season.
So now I'm on the hunt for a gold nail art pen, and I can get drawing some festive designs! So keep your eyes peeled for a post on the finished product.


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