Hello loves :)
Today I'm sharing with you something I did yesterday that I thought was a little stroke of genius. I had just recently used up my pot of Simple night cream, the next morning I was packing up my make up bag to take with me for the day when my little puppy came charging in and on to the bed, knocking my bag clean off. Of course my translucent powder and powder blush smashed in to bits. That is my worst pet hate, because as soon as that happens, I can't open them again with out spilling. I didn't have much of the translucent powder left anyway, but it was a brand new blusher that I didn't want to waste. It was a Rimmel one with an insecure lid, so I knew the chances of it coating the inside of my make up bag were pretty high. I grabbed my empty pot of Simple night cream (with a secure screw on lid), washed it out, and emptied my entire broken blusher in to it. So I saved my brand new blusher, without the hassle of it spilling every time I open it, or worry of it opening up in my bag. I was quite pleased with myself really as it's saved me a lot of hassle, and for some reason I'd just never thought to do it before. So I know it's a really simple (no pun intended) little idea but I thought I'd share it anyway incase anyone else has just never thought about it before. Next time you run out of a beauty product in a handy little container, save it for those pesky powder mishaps :).


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