Got the spring cleaning urges - a guide to sorting out your wardrobe X Factor style

Hey guys!
I planned to do a little review on the deep conditioning treatment in Tresemme's Platinum Strength range, however, I spent the morning trying to downsize my wardrobe, which prompted me to change the subject of this post. For so many years now, I have tried and failed to clear out my wardrobe. I do sell a couple of items on Ebay every so often, but I have always seemed to struggle to part with more than 5 items at a time. Some where in the back of my head, there is a voice telling me I'm not going to ever wear some of the items I have in my wardrobe ever again, but I just can't let go. There's always a counter argument that goes along the lines of 'I may need that one day, I might regret throwing it'. Especially having recently turned 22, I've found that my style is changing, and I am maturing (ever so slightly). This change has been inadvertent, but when I check out all my recent purchases and compare them to older items in my wardrobe, there is a definite change. I have to accept that I no longer feel great in my favourite ever band tee, and I can't save every band tee I've ever owned to wear as a PJ top, that is like accepting I won't wear it, but just wanting to keep it in a drawer anyway. That checked shirt I bought from Topshop at the age of 15? Yes it still fits, and it is nice, but I have not worn it for over 5 years. I need to let go. I think this is something every young woman struggles with, and here's how I managed to put my foot down with myself, and give my wardrobe a brutal clear out:

It started off with my realising I have two wardrobes, and a chest of drawers, bursting with clothes. I brought a dress home the other day and just could not squeeze it in any where, which made me realise things had gotten out of hand. But I flicked through my wardrobe and found it impossible to come to terms with letting anything go. So, I put my clothes through a sort of 'X Factor' style process of elimination.

  • First things first, each item of clothing I came to, I asked myself 'when was the last time I wore this?' if the answer was over 3 years ago, (I had items in there that I had not worn for well over 5 years, shameful) they were an instant bin/charity bag. Unless it was something like a prom or bridesmaid dress. 
  • The second round consisted of me looking at each item and asking myself 'do I have anything really similar?'. If I did, I would then compare the two items side by side, and decided which was best. That one made it through to the next round, along with the others that did not have any similar items.
  • In the third round, I had to think about if I saw this item in a shop now, would I buy it? If the answer was no, the solution was no. Bye bye.
  • In the final round I challenged myself to make the best outfit I could using each item of clothing. I found it easier to go through all my tops first. I then got changed in to that outfit, and asked myself 'do I feel good?' and 'Would I wear this outfit tomorrow?' If the answer was a no or I was unsure, the initial item was binned/charity bagged. This worked for me, as it is so easy to look at an item in the wardrobe and think 'well I might wear that at some point'. But to then create the best possible outfit you can using that item, and actually wear it and think about going out in public in it, it makes you realise that no, you wouldn't wear this outfit in front of other people and feel good. This stage also helps eliminate any items that may be damaged or do not fit properly. The outfits I felt good in, had the X factor, and that item was allowed to stay.

I've always struggled with being harsh with myself, and really making the decision to part with things. I guess I'm a bit of a hoarder in that sense. But going through each of these processes, and asking myself these questions, it helped make it clear to me what I did and didn't want to keep, and then it was so much easier to part with things. So if you're cleaning out your wardrobe this spring, try the 'X factor' method, and see if it helps you! Good luck girls :) let me know how you get on?


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