Skin care - my first beauty review blog post!

Exciting stuff! So I wanted to do my first proper blog post on my facial skin care routine. I have sensitive skin, that does not enjoy perfumed or soapy products. Throughout my teens I tried so many different brands of skin care, all of which did nothing for me. At this point in time, I had rather oily skin and was going through those awful teen years which consisted of a constant battle with spots and blemishes.  I asked for recommendations from friends, who had either just got lucky, or seemed to have cracked the secret to clear skin at such a pubescent age. The products they swore by only irritated my face, or at best it feel soft but look no better. Over the years, I have formulated a skin care routine that works well for me. Now I realise as I've got older I've had to contend less with the whole 'teenage pizza face' look. But I still have sensitive skin and an oily T-zone which can be prone to spots if I don't keep up a good routine. Now, I still do get spots, don't get me wrong (only one, at THAT time of the month, the rest of the time my skin is clear). So here is my facial skin care routine.

 If I've been naughty and had a heavy night and forgot to take my make up off the night before then I will start the day by using a cool splash of water and Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. But often I'm good and I use cotton wool pads to apply a small amount of Simple Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser. I feel this working in to my face, and when I'm sure it's fully soaked in I then apply Simple Light Moisturiser, and Simple Daily Radiance Eye Cream. I use Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser on the end of my nose and chin where I often get a little bit of dry skin. I find that using this on a morning softens my skin, and therefore stops making settling awkwardly on the end of my nose and highlighting the problem. Now, a week before my period is due, I switch my Light Moisturiser to Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser. I've found this really helps prevent that dreaded hormonal spot that often appears for me at this time. It doesn't always stop it appearing, but I have noticed since using this moisturiser the spot is smaller and goes away much quicker. I carry on using this moisturiser through my period all over my face. Afterwards, I switch back to my usual moisturiser, but if the spot is still lingering I apply the Anti-Blemish Moisturiser to that area only.

At night time (unless I'm out painting the town red and fall in to bed with out doing this, which sometimes happens) I wipe off all my make up using cotton wool pads and Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion. This usually gets all my make up off and leaves me feeling quite fresh faced and my skin feeling soft. I then use Simple Soothing Facial Toner, again applied with cotton wool pads. I often feel this working in with a very slight tingling sensation, which leaves my skin feeling tight and fresh. At this point, when I'm wiping my face the pads are coming off almost clear, with only slight make up residue on them. I leave this for a few minutes until it has all soaked in, and then I apply Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream all over my face (not under my eyes) with my fingers, and Simple Age Resisting Eye Cream goes under my eyes.

Less Frequently
Now my skin is sensitive so doesn't need much scrubbing and exfoliating, but like I said, I do have a but of an oily T - Zone, and some times my cheeks down the side of the bridge of my nose can get a little oily. About once a week when I'm in the shower I apply Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash. I do this in this shower as it's easy to put on, shampoo my hair and then wash off. I make sure the water isn't hot as it would be damaging to me sensitive skin. After every shower, I splash my face with cold water to close up my pores.
About once a month I will use Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask, just to give my skin that extra deep clean and a boost. This is one of the only deep cleansing face masks to not bring my skin out in blotchy redness.

I have been using this routine for years and years now and it is really working for me. My skin is clear and soft (aside from that once a month blemish), and none of Simple's products irritate my skin in any way. I absolutely swear by them now. I wouldn't use anything else. I started using Simple when I was younger and gradually extended my range of products. I think depending on your budget, although it can be costly to buy all these products in one go, they last a long time, as you only need small amounts, and I find Simple to be affordable, and places like Boots or Superdrug often have 3 for 2's on them. When I was younger Simple seemed costly to me, but now I'm older and have a little thing called a job, I've been introduced to more expensive brands such as Clinique, who's skin care range I've heard rave reviews about. I am thinking about stepping out of my little Simple bubble, and trying the Clinique skin care range, and this might be something I will do when my back log of Simple has run out. But for now, Simple is really working for me, and if it aint broken, don't fix it! :)


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